Best Bar Stools – Buyer’s Guide

Best Barstools of 2019

Product QuantityMaterialColorsSwivelWeight capacityDimensions
W x D x H
Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool (Editor's Choice)Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool2Wood, plushWhite With Gray; Cherry W/ Black; Cherry W/ Dark Red; Espresso W/ Dark Red; White W/ Black; White W/ TanNoApprox. 250 pounds18.1 x 13 x 24 in12 poundsCheck Price
Winsome Wood Square Leg BarstoolWinsome Wood Square Leg Barstool2WoodBlack; Natural; WalnutNo225 pounds13.6 x 13.6 x 29.1 in16.8 poundsCheck Price
Winsome Saddle Seat Counter StoolWinsome Saddle Seat Counter Stool1Solid beech woodWalnutNo220 pounds17.48 x 14.47 x 24 in11 poundsCheck Price
BTEXPERT Industrial Metal Vintage StoolsBTEXPERT Industrial Metal Vintage Bar Stool4Steel, woodDistress metal with or without wood seat; Gunmetal; Rustic metal with or without wood seat; Rustic Antique border; SilverNo300 pounds12 x 12 x 24 in44 poundsCheck Price
Coaster Leather Look Pub ChairCoaster Leather Look Pub Chair2Solid woodCappuccino; Brown and Cherry/TanNoApprox. 250 pounds18 x 20 x 41 in16.5 poundsCheck Price
Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Air Lift Swivel StoolsRoundhill Furniture Contemporary Air Lift Swivel Stools2Metal, faux leatherBlack; Red; WhiteYes250 pounds15 x 15 x 28-34 in23 poundsCheck Price
Ashley Furniture Signature Design Pinnadel Swivel Stool Ashley Furniture Signature Design Pinnadel Swivel Stool1Wood, metalLight BrownYesApprox. 250 pounds19.5 x 19.5 x 43.25 in (Seat height-30.25 in)
or 19 x 19 x 37.25 in (Seat height-24.25 in)
31.1 poundsCheck Price
Leader Accessories Modern Stools With BackLeader Accessories Bar Stool2Chrome, foam and leatherBlack; Brown; Gold; Grey; Khaki; Red; Silver; WhiteYes250 pounds16 x 15 x 21.5-31.5 in33.5 poundsCheck Price
Flash Furniture Backless Counter StoolFlash Furniture Backless Counter Stool1Wood, LeatherSoft and polyurethaneCherryYesApprox. 250 pounds17 x 17 x 24 in15 poundsCheck Price
Flash Furniture Contemporary StoolsFlash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stools1 or 2Metal and fabric or vinylBlack; Blue; Brown; Charcoal; Gray; Orange ; Red; WhiteYes250 pounds19 x 19.2 x 42.2 in18 pounds per stoolCheck Price


1. Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stools – Best For Kitchen Island

The first Barstool in our lineup is the Angel Line Cambridge padded saddle stool. These bar stools feature a sleep yet traditional styling with plush cushion seats and nailhead trim. The bar stool seat stans 24 inches in height making them slightly shorter than most of your bar stools, however, the overall design with a low footrest and ample cushioning make them very comfortable. The seat itself is roughly 18 by 13 in making it ample in size and comfortable for most people.

The plush fabric is easy to clean and really requires a damp cloth for washing. These bar stools come in sets of 2 and are available in 6 colors ranging from white with gray fabric to cherry with black leather or dark red upholstery. Some assembly is required however is not too difficult and only requires attaching the legs and footrests to the seat itself with a Phillips head screwdriver and the included Allen wrench.

  • Comes in 6 different designs
  • Comfortable plush cushion seat
  • Requires some assembly
  • Only 24 inches tall making it slightly short for some bar counters

Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stools


2. Winsome Wood Square Leg Stools – Simple and Classic Design

Next in our lineup is are the Winsome Wood barstools which feature a simple and understated yet elegant and classic design. These stools feature a round seat made of Beachwood and have four square legs with two foot rests at different heights on each side of the stool. The two sets of rungs on each face make these especially sturdy as well as offering plenty of options for where to rest your feet. The Beechwood and square legs also Aid in making these especially durable stools.

The Winsome wood bar stools come in a set of 2 and are available in either 24 or 29 inch heights. They also come in 3 colors including natural finish, black, or a darker Walnut finish. The circular seat of the stool is about 13 and 1/2 inches across and features no cushion making it somewhat uncomfortable to sit on raw wood for some people. The stools come fully assembled and go great with any casual or classic decor.

  • Understated classic style goes well with casual decor
  • Available in two heights and three colors
  • No cushion on the seat

Winsome Wood Square Leg Barstools


3. Winsome Saddle Seat Counter Stool – Wide Antique Stool for Comfort and Style

The Winsome saddle seat counter stool features a unique antique design with a wide curved seat making and especially comfortable for any guest. The seat is 17 and 1/2 inches wide by 14 and a 1/2 inches in depth and boasts a curved design which cradles the person sitting in it making it especially comfortable for a chair with no cushion. Recurve seat is rested up top four angles outboard Square legs which each have a rung for footrests at different heights.

This chair is available in both 24 and 29 in Heights and can be purchased either individually or in a set of five. The wood is given a somewhat dark walnut finish that goes well with any traditional style of decor. The chairs do require some assembly, however, tools and Hardware are included with the chair.

  • Wide curved seat design is very comfortable for a stool with no cushion
  • Elegant design looks great with traditional decor
  • Assembly required but tools are included
  • Only available in one color


4. BTEXPERT Industrial Metal Vintage Stools – Modern Design with a Rustic Touch

For those looking for a modern rustic stool design BTEXPERT offers a great product for you. These tools offer a metal frame leg and rum design with a wooden top offering a unique vintage yet modern look. The metal legs are made steel that are given a scratch resistant powder coating with a distressed clear coat over top. The feet include scuff proof pads to prevent the metal legs from scraping floors. The woodentops feature a unique distressed look as well and have a slightly grey finish.

A unique element to the design of these bar stools is that they are easily stackable for convenient storage making them great for space-saving. The stools come in a 24 inch height and the wooden seat is 14 inches squared making them large enough to be reasonably comfortable without a cushion.

  • Unique blend of vintage and modern aesthetic gives an interesting rustic vibe
  • Stackable design helps to save space when the stools are not in use
  • Made with durable steel legs and scuff resistant feet
  • No cushion on seat
  • Only comes in 24 inch height

BTEXPERT Industrial Metal Vintage Bar Stools


5. Coaster Leather Look Pub Chairs – Cushioned and Seat Backed Stools for Optimal Comfort

Next in our Round-Up are the coaster leather-look pub chairs which are great for people looking for optimal comfort in their bar stools. The cushioned seat features a 20 inch length and 18 inch depth making them exceptionally comfortable with the faux leather cushion. The stools also feature a high back for those who don’t want to be supporting their own weight at all times.

The seat comes in at 24 inches in height with the back making it 41 inches tall in total. The stools come in sets of 2 and are available in both cappuccino with black faux leather upholstery or a brown finish on the wood with tan upholstery. The curved legs offer a modern design aesthetic that is rather understated and will go great in almost any room with any decor.

  • Cushioned seat and high back make these chairs especially comfortable
  • Understated modern design will go well with practically any decor
  • Only comes in one height

Coaster Leather Look Pub Chairs


6. Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Air Lift Swivel Stools – Modern Minimalist Aesthetic with Functionality in Mind

Nexen Tire Roundup are the Roundhill furniture contemporary airlift swivel stools. The stools feature a Sleek modern Chrome design with black upholstered minimalist chairs. The Single Leg of the stool features a sloped outward wide Chrome foot and a single curve leg rest at the front. The chair sitting atop this single leg features black upholstery with a very thin cushion and a sleek curvature.

To the right side under the seat is a lever for adjusting the height of the chair from anywhere between 24 in and 30 in. These tools are sold in sets of 2 and are also available in red or white upholstery to go with almost any modern living room or dining area decor. The Sleek seat features a 15 inch square area for sitting and boasts a surprisingly comfortable ergonomic design.

  • Very sleek minimalist design with chrome leg will go excellently with modern or mid-century decor
  • Adjustable height ranges from 24 to 30 inches
  • Bold design won’t pair well with some decor
  • Requires some assembly

Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Air Lift Swivel Stool


7. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Pinnadel Swivel Stool – A Comfortable and Rustic Design

For those looking for a more versatile stool that matches most of course but still features the ability to swivel 360° the Ashley Furniture signature design Pinnadel bar stool might be just what you’re looking for. The stool features a simple rustic look with nailhead trim around the leather upholstered seat along with a wooden back and wooden legs with a metal support and footrest.

These tools are sold individually and are available in two heights but only one color. The design feature is black metal around the footrest and on the backrest as well as a dark brown faux-leather cushion with a slightly weathered gray finish on the wood. Do you still work in swivel 360° allowing you to easily face whenever you’re talking to. These chairs also require some assembly that requires a screwdriver but includes hardware and easy to follow instructions.

  • Simple rustic design can be paired with almost any decor
  • Swivel chair allows you to face any direction without adjusting the whole chair
  • Comfortable cushioned seat with backrest
  • Sold individually
  • Only available in one design


8. Leader Accessories Modern Stools With Back – The Epitome of Mid-Century Style

If you’re the person who can’t get enough of the mid-century modern aesthetic than the leader accessories bar stools are just what you’re looking for. These stools feature an almost identical leg to the Roundhill furniture contemporary stools that come in a Sleek Chrome design ending in a wide sloped foot. There is also a similar round footrest at the front of a single leg that is also entirely Chrome. The chair however on these tools is completely different and features a seat with a backrest and much thicker cushioning.

The stools are also height adjustable with a handle under the right side of the seat for raising or lowering the height. The seat also swivels 360 degrees making for very easy placement and orientation of the stools. These tools are sold in sets of 2 and are available in an amazing array of 12 different colors and designs including White, red, black, gold and many others.

  • Tons of designs and colors to choose from
  • Adjustable height and 360 degree swivel
  • Thick cushioning and backrest make for a very comfortable stool
  • Bold design won’t go well with some types of decor


9. Flash Furniture Backless Counter Stool – Swivel Seat Without a Back

Next on our list of bar stools is The Flash Furniture backless swivel stool. This tool features a traditional design with a faux leather cushion on the top of the seat and gold nailhead trim going around the edge. This stool features a round footrest design connected to its for square curved legs and the wood comes in either a black finish or light cherry finish.

The backless seat does swivel 360° for convenience and requires some minimal assembly. The stool comes in only a 24 in height and are sold individually. The cushion of the seat itself is 21 inches across which offers a comfortable place to sit. The feet of the stool also end in some decent scuff resistant pads which can be replaced for better ones as the wooden legs can easily scratch wood floors.

  • Backless swivel seat
  • Assembly required
  • Included pads on feet don’t work very well
  • Only comes in one height

Flash Furniture Backless Stool


10. Flash Furniture Contemporary Stools – Elegant Luxury with Modern Sensibility

The last Barstool in our roundup is The Flash Furniture contemporary bar stool which features a similar Chrome leg as the other modern style stools we’ve looked at in this list. The unique feature of this tool is the curved almost bucket seat like chair atop the single chrome leg. This chairs bottom and backrest curve to cradle the person sitting in it for maximum comfort.

This stool features the same sloped wide single foot as the other contemporary designs on her list as well as the same height adjustment handle which allows the chair to reach anywhere from 24 inches in height to roughly 30 inches. This chair also boasts an incredible assortment of color options with 10 to choose from ranging from Blue to bright orange to white or simple black. The material can also change with each color ranging from faux leather to a simple fabric. The chairs can either be purchased individually or in pairs of 2 and require some assembly.

  • Modern design is more sensible than some of the other contemporary stools on our list and will go well with a wider variety of decor
  • Adjustable height chair can also swivel 360 degrees
  • 10 colors to choose from with a variety of fabrics
  • Some assembly required

Flash Furniture Contemporary Stools


Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve looked at 10 of the best bar stools available it’s important to know which factors to consider when making the right choice. The first thing to look at is how tall the surface you’re planning to place the stools near is and select an appropriate height of stool for that counter or table. Next, it’s important to consider how comfortable you want the chairs to be and whether a cushion seat and backrest are important to you. Finally, taking a look at what materials the chair at can help prevent damage to floors and make for a more pleasant overall experience depending on the use you expect to get out of your bar stools.

Adjustable Bar StoolsHeight and Adjustability

Every barstool on this list comes at least in a 24-inch height which, being only two feet off the ground, might not be quite enough for some higher counters or tables. Many of the stools on this list come in a second height option usually around 29 inches which is great for higher bar counters or islands. Several of the chairs on this list are also adjustable in height and can be set to anywhere between 24 and 30 inches in height which is great if you plan to entertain guests who might have a wide range of heights themselves. Additionally, be important to consider whether you want your stools to swivel or not as this can make a dressed in your seat and having conversations with guests much easier than in a chair that is fixed in place.

Backrest and Seat Cushioning

The first handful of stools on our list feature mostly all wood seats. Well these seats have an elegant look to them they are not always the most comfortable option. Many of the seats later in the list are cushioned offering far better support for those sitting in them. Also, many of the seats later in the list have backs to them offering additional support to the guests who might be sitting in them. Determining which look you like the best and how much you want to prioritize the comfort of the chairs is important when making your choice.


The materials your chair are made of is a very important factor as to how the chair will hold up over time, how comfortable it might be, and how easy it is to clean. All wooden chairs are not always the most comfortable but are often very durable and easy to clean. Some of the chairs on this list have metal legs or other metal components and these can be very durable and last a long time but can also often scuff floors more easily than wooden legs or other materials. Leather cushions are often very comfortable and especially easy to clean, while plush upholstery on seat cushions can sometimes present an issue when it comes to spilled drinks and cleaning. If you plan to get a lot of use out of your bar stools and have guests drinking at the bar counter it might be best to look for seat cushions that are especially easy to clean such as all wood or fake leather.

Wrap Up

Any one of the hand-picked barstools in our roundup is sure to bring a new level of comfort and style to your living area or kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern design or a more traditional aesthetic there is a stool on our list for you. And now that you know what factors to look out for you are armed with the necessary knowledge to make the right choice of stool for you and your guests to enjoy.

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