Best Medicine Cabinets – Buyer’s Guide

Best Medicine CabinetsMedicine cabinets are practically an essential part of any bathroom. They not only offer a mirror, but they also sport storage space to keep your medicines, toiletries, and cosmetics organized and close at hand. The bathroom is an essential space for most people’s morning rituals, so making it comfortable and stylish can help you wake up and start your day off right. If you’re looking for a new medicine cabinet, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices, so to help you make the right choice we put together this list of five different medicine cabinets and included some information in a buyer’s guide below to help you make sure you’re picking the right one.

Best Medicine Cabinets (Updated December, 2020)

1. Kohler Single Door Aluminum Cabinet – Simple Yet Spacious Design

The first medicine cabinet on our list is the Kohler single door aluminum cabinet. This medicine cabinet features a simple design with a large rectangular mirror on the front that has a frameless beveled edge design that offers a sleek and minimalist look. On the inside, the cabinet features three shelves, two of which are made from adjustable tempered glass allowing you to configure the shelves into any layout you like. The back of the door, as well as the interior of the cabinet itself, are mirrors allowing you to see yourself even while the cabinet is open and you’re going through the contents inside.

The mirror is 20 inches wide and 26 inches in height and the interior of the cabinet is 5 inches deep. The medicine cabinet is constructed from a rust-free silver finish aluminum, and the door is reversible for either left or right-handed opening. The adjustable tempered glass shelves included are impressively durable and can be adjusted up or down in one-inch increments to suit your needs. This medicine cabinet comes with included mounting hardware for either surface installation or recessed installation into the wall. It also comes with a side mirror kit if you choose to perform a surface installation with this medicine cabinet.

  • Durable tempered glass shelves that can be adjusted to suit your storage needs
  • Reversible door can be configured for either left or right handed opening
  • Only has 2 shelves

2. Pegasus Cabinet with Beveled Mirror – Narrow Recessed Medicine Cabinet for Smaller Bathrooms

The next medicine cabinet on our list comes from the manufacturer Pegasus and is remarkably similar to the Kohler model we just looked at. It features a simple design with a beveled mirror on the front as well as a mirror on the rear side of the door and on the inside of the cabinet itself. This model is narrower than the Kohler model, however, coming in at only 15 inches in width, but is exactly 26 inches in height just like the Kohler model. This Pegasus medicine cabinet comes with 3 adjustable glass shelves rather than two like the Kohler model, but they are not made of tempered glass, meaning they are slightly less durable than the Kohler shelves.

This medicine cabinet is constructed from rust-free aluminum that features a slightly less shiny finish than the Kohler model, but is not quite as dull as brushed aluminum. The adjustable shelves are easy to move up or down and can be put into 10 different slots for varying heights giving you plenty of options with how to lay out the cabinet. This medicine cabinet features self-closing hinges that can open up to 110 degrees to allow for easy access to the cabinet’s contents. Just like the Kohler model, this medicine cabinet is 5 inches deep which offers ample space for most of the things that need to be stored in a restroom. This medicine cabinet can also be configured in either a recessed or surface mount and comes with all the necessary hardware for either.

  • Self closing hinges that open up to 110 degrees for easy access
  • Includes 3 adjustable shelves
  • Narrower than most medicine cabinets

Pegasus Cabinet

3. Kohler Aluminum Framed Mirror Cabinet – Inconspicuous and Elegant Framed Mirror Cabinet

If you’re looking for a medicine cabinet that features a more inconspicuous and traditional looking mirror, then this Kohler aluminum cabinet with an oil rubbed bronze framed mirror might be just what you’re looking for. This medicine cabinet boasts an elegant and traditional looking mirror that has a beautiful bronze frame around the edge which lends it the look of a standard mirror rather than a normal medicine cabinet. The mirror with the frame comes in at 20 inches in width and 26 inches in height making it a perfect size for most bathrooms. Once opened this cabinet also features mirrors on the back of the door and the interior of the cabinet, much like the other medicine cabinets we’ve looked at.

This stylish medicine cabinet is reversible, meaning it can be arranged for either left handed or right handed opening, and comes with two tempered glass shelves. These shelves have 10 points of adjustment that are 1 inch apart and allows you to customize the layout of the cabinet to fit whatever containers or toiletries you need to place inside of the medicine cabinet. This cabinet comes with the necessary hardware for either surface or recessed installation and looks good either way, but truly shines with a recessed installation as it gives it much more of the appearance of a normal mirror. The aluminum around the edges of the cabinet as well as on the frame of the mirror is rust proof and is designed to hold up to the human environment of a bathroom.

  • Elegant oil rubbed bronze frame gives this cabinet the look of a traditional mirror
  • Comes with tempered glass shelves that can be adjusted in height
  • Reversible hinges can be used for either left handed or right handed opening
  • Looks best when given a recessed mounting and looks slightly out of place with a surface mount

Kohler Framed Mirror Cabinet

4. Topeakmart Bathroom / Kitchen Cabinet – Slatted Cabinet with No Mirror

If your bathroom already has a mirror in it, or you’re just looking for extra storage space and don’t need a cabinet with a mirror on the front, then the Topeakmart wall mounted cabinet might be a great option. Unlike most medicine cabinets, this model has no mirror on the front or on the inside but rather has a slatted cover design for the door. This makes it great not only as a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, but it can also be used in almost any other room of the house that might need more storage, including the kitchen. This cabinet is made from waterproof medium density fiberboard which means it can hold up against the moisture of a bathroom and has a load capacity of up to 35 pounds.

This cabinet comes with two adjustable shelves that each have nine points of adjustment and are held in with sturdy metal hardware. The door uses a sturdy magnetic lock that makes opening and closing the cabinet feel smooth and easy. The drawback to this cabinet is that it is one of the smallest on our list coming in at only 22 inches in height and less than 14 inches in width. This is an excellent choice for supplemental storage in the bathroom or any room that needs it, but is less than ideal as the primary cabinet of a bathroom due to its relatively small size and lack of a mirror.

  • Includes two adjustable shelves that can hold up to 20 pounds each thanks to sturdy metal hardware
  • Can be used as extra storage not only in bathrooms but also in almost any room of your house
  • Does not have a mirror on the front
  • Somewhat on the small side making it best for use as supplemental storage where needed

Topeakmart Cabinet

5. Jensen Sheridan Framed Cabinet – Very Small Wooden Cabinet

For the last cabinet on our list, we have a great option for those who enjoy the more discreet mirror look of the Kohler aluminum framed mirror we looked at but might not like the lavish embellishment of that frame. The Jensen Sheridan framed medicine cabinet features a much simpler frame design that is constructed of relatively plain wood when compared to the oil rubbed bronze look of the Kohler framed medicine cabinet. This cabinet is constructed of particle board with a PVC laminate that lends it the moisture resistance it needs to stand up to the bathroom environment. It is then given either a white finish or a deep espresso finish.

The entire frame, as well as the cabinet itself, is made from this wood and laminate construction yet its simplicity gives a sleek and modern look to it. This cabinet only comes with surface mounting hardware and is not intended to be used as a recessed medicine cabinet. The major drawback to this medicine cabinet is that it is very small, coming in at only 15 by 19 inches and having only a single shelf inside of it. The cabinet is only about 3 inches deep meaning that many toiletries and even cosmetics might not fit into its small interior.

  • Simple framed mirror design looks nice
  • Very small and offers very little storage space inside

Jensen Framed Cabinet

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best options available on the market, we’ll discuss some important factors to look at when choosing a medicine cabinet. The first factor we’ll discuss is what material each cabinet is made of and why this is important since this can not only affect the look but also the durability of the cabinet. The second important factor to look at is what kind of storage space is available inside of each medicine cabinet as different people will have different needs for storage. Finally, we’ll discuss what kind of mounting options there are for different medicine cabinets and why that should matter. Hopefully, when armed with this information you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to which medicine cabinet on our list is ideal for you.


The first factor to look at when choosing a medicine cabinet is what material the cabinet itself is constructed of. Depending on how you use your bathroom different medicine cabinets might be more or less appropriate for that environment. If you regularly take showers in the bathroom you’re looking to put the medicine cabinet in it’s important to get one that’s highly moisture resistant as the steam from a hot shower can easily wear down many materials. The first three medicine cabinets on our list are all constructed from aluminum and glass which are excellent materials for humid environments.

Of course, glass is impervious to moisture and is already in practically every bathroom, and aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and doesn’t even rust like other metals typically do. When aluminum does oxidize it actually forms a protective layer over the metal that is non-porous, meaning it prevents further corrosion and rust from developing. Iron or steel does not have this characteristic and develops porous rust which allows moisture and air to continue getting in and rusting further and further into the metal. The aluminum frames of the first three medicine cabinets on our list are also treated to prevent even this initial layer of aluminum oxide from forming at all making them very well designed for the bathroom environment.

The last two cabinets on our list are constructed from wood, which is less moisture resistant than aluminum. However, they are both given a special treatment and finish that is both moisture and mildew resistant. Both the Topeakmart cabinet and the Jensen Sheridan cabinets are capable, thanks to this finish, of holding up to moist environments but might not be as durable as a cabinet made of aluminum.

It’s important to note that the Topeakmart cabinet uses metal hardware for the hinges and to hold the adjustable shelves in place that could potentially rust overtime as the wooden slats on the front of the cabinet door will allow moisture to work its way inside of the cabinet. This is also important to know if you plan to put potentially moisture sensitive medicine or toiletries inside of the cabinet. This is obviously not as much of an issue if you plan to mount the cabinet into a half bath that has no shower or a bathroom that does not often get used for bathing.

Storage Space

Storage space is arguably one of the most important factors in choosing a medicine cabinet. Depending on what you plan to use it for and how much medicine and toiletries you need to store some cabinets are obviously going to be better for the job than others. The first cabinet on our list features relatively standard dimensions and a good amount of storage space coming in at 20 inches by 26 inches with 5 inches of depth to store things in.

This cabinet also comes with two adjustable tempered glass shelves that offer plenty of space to keep things organized. The second cabinet from Pegasus features similar dimensions but it’s slightly narrower at only 15 inches. While it offers slightly less overall storage space it comes with 3 shelves rather than two meaning it is easier to keep things organized the way you like.

The Kohler aluminum framed mirror cabinet is the same size as the first all-aluminum cabinet we looked at measuring in at 20 inches in width and 26 inches in height and is slightly deeper coming in at 5 and three-eighths of an inch in depth. It also comes with two tempered glass shelves like the first cabinet and offers a reasonable amount of space for storing anything you might need to keep organized in your bathroom.

The last two cabinets on our list are much smaller starting with the Topeakmart cabinet which comes in at only 22 inches in width and just under 14 inches in height. This smaller size combined with the fact that it lacks a mirror on the front makes it best for additional storage rather than as a primary means of keeping things tidy in a bathroom. It also comes with two shelves that can be adjusted to nine different heights and its relatively neutral slatted door makes it great for adding storage to almost any room in the house.

The last cabinet on our list, the Jensen Sheridan frame medicine cabinet, is the smallest to be featured in our roundup and comes in at only 15 by 19 inches and has only a single shelf on the inside making it less than ideal for those who need as much storage space as possible.

Recessed vs Surface Mounting

The last factor to consider is whether you need a cabinet that uses recessed or surface mounting. A surface mounted medicine cabinet is attached directly to the wall of the bathroom and protrudes out several inches from the wall, which is a more common look for medicine cabinets, but can look awkward in some cases or be inconvenient if it is placed above a shallow sink. If you’re replacing an existing medicine cabinet that is recessed it’s important to choose one that can also be installed in a recessed manner, otherwise, you’ll need to fill in the existing recessed hole before surface mounting your new cabinet. All of the first three cabinets on our list can be installed in either a recessed or surface mount while the last two must be used as surface mounts.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a medicine cabinet for your bathroom can be a daunting task since there are so many available on the market. Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom, outfitting a brand new one, or just trying to make a small upgraded to an old medicine cabinet, there are tons of options. Each of the medicine cabinets we looked at on our list were handpicked for a variety of reasons and are intended to represent a wide array of styles and features. We hope that the included buyer’s guide has given you all the information you need to confidently pick the right medicine cabinet for your bathroom and we are sure that no matter which of the medicine cabinets you pick off our list it will offer convenient storage to keep your bathroom sink free from clutter and make your morning routine a breeze.

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  1. Avatar

    Recently, I ordered the Kohler Single Door Aluminum Cabinet and can’t have enough of it! The shipment didn’t take long, and everything was packed properly. I like the mix of retro and modern styles a lot and the mirrors on the inside of the cabinet are of premium quality and look dashing. The overall functionality and flexibility bring an even bigger smile to my face. The only downside – the installation process isn’t particularly user-friendly.

    I’m not very good with tools and all that DIY stuff; so, it took me a while to get everything right. Other than that, Kohler did a fantastic job with this cabinet!

    1. Avatar
      Nate Bohnen

      Thanks for your comment! Kohler’s bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror is, indeed, a market-leading product. As for the tricky installation, sadly, that’s true for pretty much any cabinet these days. Kohler does include all the necessary hardware for installation, though, which is great news. Plus, it can be installed with either right- or left-hand swing.

  2. Avatar

    I love the Pegasus bathroom medicine cabinet. It’s affordable, good-looking, and will be a perfect fit for my home. But one thing is bothering me: are the hinges (and the door) fixed on the left side, or can I mount it on the right side as well, if I wanted to?

    1. Avatar
      Nate Bohnen

      Yes, it is fixed, meaning you’ll have a hard time mounting the door and its hinges on the right side. The good news is – you can always flip the cabinet and turn it into a right-side-door setup. And don’t worry: the shelves will work properly after you turn the cabinet around. Pegasus specifically designed it with that in mind.

      A quick note: the rough opening is larger than the industry average, but that’s compensated by the soft-close doors (that means they won’t make a loud noise when you bang them hard).