Best Coffee Tables – Buyer’s Guide

Best Coffee TablesA coffee table makes the room, but it can be tough to find one that satisfies both the design and functionality you crave. You could look around forever for the perfect coffee table and never find one.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite coffee tables to inspire your decision. They’re beautiful, well made, and carry plenty of personality for your living space. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you may have how to choose the right one. Let’s take a look.

Each table would be a fantastic addition to a living room, depending on your individual style and needs. Here are our top picks.

Best Coffee Tables of 2019

Product TypeColorsMaterialDimensions
L x W x H
Monarch Specialties I 3028 Cocktail Table (Editor's Choice)Monarch Specialties I 3028 Cocktail TableCoffee tableCappuccino; Dark Taupe; Glossy White/Chrome; Grey; NaturalMDF, metal22 x 44 x 16 in37 poundsCheck Price
SUNCOO End Side TableSUNCOO End Side TableContemporary coffee tableWhite; Black WalnutGlass, MDFOval: 43.3 x 23.6 x 17.7 in; Rectangle: 45.3 x 21.6 x 12.2 in; Rectangle with shelf: 39.4 x 23.6 x 17.7 inVarietyCheck Price
TANGKULA Glass TableTANGKULA Glass TableGlass coffee tableClearTempered glass42 x 19.7 x 13.8 in57 poundsCheck Price
Alaterre Sonoma TableAlaterre Sonoma TableRustic coffee tableBrownMetal, solid wood32 x 48 x 18 in; 24 x 42 x 18 in; 27 x 27 x 18 inVarietyCheck Price
Logan Lift Top Oak TableLogan Lift Top Oak TableLift top coffee tableOakSolid wood46 x 18 x 26 in120 poundsCheck Price


1. Monarch Specialties I 3028 Cocktail Table

Our first coffee table is a white and silver combination with a minimal line. It uses a solid white top with simple metal legs and an X detail on the sides. It has plenty of surface area and is simple to wipe down when you need to clean.

Design Features

It’s minimalist and has a very high design style. It’s best in more expansive living rooms because of the size. It’s contemporary and seems looks surprisingly light despite weighing nearly 37 pounds. It’s 44 inches long and 22 inches wide. At 17 inches high, it’s at an excellent position for comfort without being in the way.

It’s very sturdy and has a structure that won’t tip easily. The top is very thick so it can withstand a lot of abuse if you happen to work or eat from your coffee table sometimes.


Wiping clean is simple. You shouldn’t use any harsh cleaners for the tabletop to avoid wearing away the finish of the top, but it doesn’t absorb stains or other grime. The bottom resists scratches to some extent, but it does show fingerprints. A simple, soft cloth should be fine to wipe those away.

What Are The Benefits?

It’s minimalist and can blend in with a few different design aesthetics. It uses a simple color scheme and easy to clean. The table is sturdy and can withstand a few knocks. It’s heavy enough that it won’t move every time something bumps it although you may regret that if your toe ever meets the corner.

What Are The Downsides?

It’s heavy. While that’s nice for stability, it can make it difficult to rearrange your living room and cause some injuries if you ever run into it. The top itself sometimes comes a bit dinged up, and once there’s a deeper imperfection, that can begin to degrade the entire surface. Be sure to inspect your table carefully when it arrives.

Quick Look

This table is great for modern households with some space. It’s minimal and fits into quite a few different styles but always looks clean and bright.

  • Minimal design
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to clean
  • Design fits a variety of styles
  • Tthe finish can be inconsistent
  • Heavy

Monarch Specialties I 3028 Table


2. SUNCOO End Side Table

If you’re into a design heavy, futuristic style, the Suncoo could be the one for you. It features a very modern yet smooth design with smaller dimensions that can be used as a side coffee table to a couch or chair. It has a transparent surface and white pedestal for a clean, light finish.

Design Features

The top is strong, tempered glass at ten millimeters thick resting on a solid wood base. The center is clear, but around the edge, a fun frosted border creates visual interest. The base has been smoothed into a curve shape with a hollow center, similar to famous modern art sculptures.

We love the unique curved lines because it’s really unusual to see a coffee table with no sharp edges. With standard coffee tables, there’s a boxy support to even a round top, but here, it’s all curve. It’s unique, and this particular design is a company original. It measures 43.3 inches long and 23.6 inches wide. It stands at a very comfortable 17.7 inches tall.

Maintenance and Shipping

It will ship in two separate boxes and require some personal assembly. Once it’s together, it forms a solid base with protected tempered glass that can withstand some enthusiastic use. Be sure to clean the glass with a glass cleaner that won’t scratch the surface or ruin the finish.

The base can chip if you aren’t careful during assembly, so handle it carefully. The color is glossy, so rough handling will show almost immediately. Use a soft cloth to wipe it down if you need to clean it.

What Are The Benefits?

This coffee table looks expensive. It’s a high art design instead of your standard coffee table shape, which is a striking addition to a living room. It fits well with minimalist or modern decor, but it may look out of place if you don’t have a lot of other modern furniture.

It’s still very affordable considering the style, and we love how simple it is to put together. The chrome feature securing the glass to the base is a nice feature because it’s going to show in the center and might as well look expensive.

What Are The Downsides?

Clear glass shows fingerprints almost immediately. Also, it’s definitely not going to fit into all types of living room decor. It’s specialized for a particular design aesthetic, and no matter how much you love the design, it just won’t fit in everywhere.

Some of the assembly instructions could be challenging so be sure to read them to the end before you start assembly and make sure you have all the pieces. Think through assembly before you start. It isn’t too involved, thankfully, but it may help alleviate any issues.

Quick Look

This coffee table is for modern living rooms with a high design aesthetic. It offers users a really unique take on a coffee table and features easy assembly if you read the instructions through before you start.

  • Original design
  • Beautiful curves with a dual glass design feature
  • Affordable high design
  • Fits well with modern decor
  • Not suitable for every living room style
  • Instructions can be unclear

SUNCOO Oval Coffee Table


3. TANGKULA Glass Table

Tangkula’s design is an all glass table built as a single piece. It’s a statement piece, creating an illusion of a somewhat invisible coffee table with floating accessories. It may look delicate, but it’s built to withstand everyday use.

Design Features

The single piece is tempered glass molded into a curve. The “top” flows down with curved sides into the legs. There are no shelves underneath, just one flowing piece. The company also weatherproofed the glass so you could use it on a protected porch as an unusual outdoor accent.

There are no sharp edges on this one, but it does sit a little bit lower than the average coffee table at just 14 inches high. Make sure you carefully measure the height that suits your needs before you purchase the table. It’s 42.5 inches long and 20 inches wide. Glass thickness is 12 millimeters, and it weighs a hefty 57 pounds.


It doesn’t require any assembly, thankfully, but it will need a fair bit of cleaning to keep the glass from looking dusty or smudged. If you’ve got children in the house, this could be a frustrating piece of furniture. It can withstand a household with children, but it may not look its best.

Cleaning should be done with a mild glass cleaner and never anything abrasive. A scratch will show almost immediately, so take care. It’s heavy enough to be durable, but take care when you’re moving it that you don’t put stress on the legs or directly in the middle of the top glass.

What Are The Benefits?

This one is a striking design, isn’t it? We love the floating effect it brings into the living room, and we’re intrigued by the possibility of it being an outdoor furniture feature. All glass could make you nervous, but it’s definitely durable enough that you won’t have to tiptoe around it.

For minimalist living rooms, it removes visual weight. It has a low profile in addition to the glass, so it gives you a coffee table without blocking the flow of the living room. Brilliant idea.

What Are The Downsides?

It sits lower than some other coffee tables. If you’ve got a tall couch, it could be a little bit awkward to use. It will show fingerprints immediately, and any smudging or grime will show as well. You might spend more time cleaning it off than using it.

The glass is durable, but we’d recommend putting it into a place where you won’t have a child sitting on it. If it’s outdoors, make sure your porch is covered to help preserve the integrity of the glass finish. Also, depending on your personality, the lack of shelves could be a negative thing. We’re torn about that part because we love the storage, but you can’t hide or disguise clutter with all glass.

Quick Look

This coffee table is for a person looking to make a statement. The single glass piece is unusual and surprisingly airy, fitting in with a variety of design styles and lending visual interest through “floating” accessories.

  • Removes visual weight
  • No shelves underneath (if you’re bad about clutter)
  • No assembly required
  • Affordable considering the design
  • All smooth edges
  • No shelves underneath (if you require storage)
  • Really heavy


4. Alaterre Sonoma Table

So you’re not a fan of ultra modern furniture design? Have a more rustic style? The Alaterre table is a beautifully designed coffee table with unfinished edges and visually interesting wood grain. Metal legs create a sturdy base.

Design Features

The weakest point of all coffee tables is the legs. This table uses metal instead of wood to create a more sturdy base that’s less likely to wobble or lose support. The shelf underneath provides extra storage and could help you disguise your clutter if you use a basket of some sort.

It’s heavy, both visually and physically. Living rooms with rustic decor need something to help anchor the room together, and this could be the perfect option. It’s not very big, just 27 inches long by 27 inches wide, but it sits up a little bit higher at 18 inches. You have a bit of extra room with the shelf underneath, and the table could easily fit in front of a chair or love seat instead of a full sized couch.

Maintenance and Assembly

You’ll have to assemble it when it arrives, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. The instructions are clear, and it takes just basic tools. It’s cumbersome, so be sure you have someone to help you move it around if you’ve been injured or have trouble moving more than 50 pounds.

Cleaning it is easy, but some furniture polish may pull up the finish just a little. Wipe any stains or dust with a damp, soft cloth to preserve the color and try not to let liquid sit on the surface. This is definitely a time you’d want to use a coaster.

What Are the Benefits?

It’s definitely sturdy and should last a long time. The combination of metal and wood creates a sturdier structure than just wood, so it can anchor a room easily. It’s smaller than the average coffee table, so it could be perfect for those of you with small living rooms.

It fits better with rustic, country, or vintage decor than a modern coffee table would. In fact, wood is such a versatile material, we think you’d have a difficult time finding a style where it would be out of place.

What Are the Downsides?

It weighs just over 60 pounds. While that does make it sturdy, it’s going to leave deep marks in your carpet or rug and moving it to clean underneath could be a huge hassle. It will need feet protectors to help keep your floor from scratching or to reduce the marks on your carpet.

Make sure you use coasters or a protective top to prevent liquids from sitting on the wood and altering the finish. It isn’t going to wipe clean as easily as a glass top would.

Quick Look

It’s heavy, visually dense, and can anchor a room. We think it fits well with most styles of living room, but particularly in smaller, rustic themed rooms.

  • Sturdy metal and wood construction
  • Square style
  • Slightly taller than average
  • Includes a shelf underneath for storage
  • Classic coffee table shape
  • Heavy
  • Wood can stain without a coaster

Alaterre Sonoma Coffee Table


5. Logan Lift Top Oak Table

This coffee table is the full deal. It includes lots of storage and features in a simple wooden design that can fit into just about any decor. If you need more than just a place to hold your coffee and book, this could be the one for you.

Design Features

The all wood construction has a classic coffee table look that blends well with a variety of living room designs. It features a casual style with lots of storage, including a drawer for hiding unsightly items such as cords and remotes.

The bottom shelf offers plenty of space for books or magazines and the top lifts out of the frame to create an impromptu dinner table. The adjustable height of the top is convenient for any activity that requires bending over from the couch. It measures 46 inches long by 26 inches wide and is 18 inches tall. It’s 27 inches tall with the top extended and locked into place.

Maintenance and Assembly

It will require some minor assembly when it arrives, but the directions are clear. It uses hardwood solids with an oak veneer, so make sure you use coasters and prevent liquids from sitting on the table. It can stain the finish.

Cleaning is simple. Just wipe the table down with a damp cloth. We recommend testing a small, inconspicuous area first if you decide to use furniture polish or cleaner to make sure it doesn’t alter the finish.

What Are the Benefits?

This model offers a lot of functionality. It has storage and hidden storage. It locks into place with a simple pull and releases with the lift mechanism. It has very discrete wheels, so even though it’s heavy, it moves well.

The complex pieces come already assembled, so you only have to attach a few minor parts that were taken off for storage. It looks expensive and maintains a quality wood finish despite the price tag. It’s on the higher end of affordable, but considering some all wood coffee tables can run into the many hundreds of dollars, this is a good deal.

What Are the Downsides?

It is the most expensive table on the list though we’ll always argue for paying for quality. It’s heavy, and you may need someone to help you get it set up. It isn’t much larger than a standard coffee table, but you should measure your couch to be sure it will fit, and the lifted height is comfortable.

Some of the wood pieces may not feel as sturdy, and it’s important not to overload the top when the spring is extended to avoid putting stress on the lift mechanism.

Quick Look

This table is for busy families, crafters, or people with no dining room. It offers a range of functionality and storage that can blend into most living room decor.

  • Plenty of storage both open and hidden
  • The lift mechanism for eating or crafting
  • Blends well with multiple styles
  • All wood construction
  • Discrete wheels
  • The most expensive table on the list (though still affordable considering the design)
  • Heavy to move until assembled

Logan Lift Top Table


Buyer’s Guide

Buying a coffee table is a serious business. The right one completes your living room decor and keeps your things together in one place. The wrong one looks out of place and doesn’t give you what you need. Let’s take a look at a few things you may want to consider before you buy your next coffee table.

How Do I Choose A Coffee Table?

Choosing isn’t just about finding a coffee table you like though that is a big part of it. You also need to think over the following things.

Living Room Style

Living Room Style Coffee TableIf you’ve fallen in love with that ultra modern coffee table, but your entire living room is entirely French Country, it may work, but chances are, you’ll be unhappy with your decision. Same with a heavy, rustic option in your light, minimalist space.

A coffee table needs to fit the overall style of your living room to make you happy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles but at the end of the day, if the coffee table becomes an eyesore in your living room, it isn’t going to matter how much you loved it in the store.


Coffee Table with StorageThink about this one carefully. We mentioned above that shelves can be either good or bad depending on your personality, so think about what kind of person you are. If you tend to clutter up an open shelf with things falling off the sides, maybe an open shelf isn’t a good idea for you.

If you can keep things organized, an open shelf can offer an opportunity to maximize storage space taken up by your coffee table. Closed storage like drawers can be an excellent alternative to open storage when you tend towards clutter but don’t want to lose that space.


We are big fans of spending for quality. If you’ve got room in your budget, spending a little more gets you better quality materials and better construction. All of the coffee tables on our list come in at pretty affordable prices, giving you plenty of quality without sacrificing construction or materials.

If you’re on a tight budget, looking for pieces that are single pieces or simple designs can help lower the cost. Materials like wood veneers can help as well, but make sure it’s well made and not cheap particle board with laminate that can chip.


If you’re handy, getting a coffee table shipped in pieces can help with your cost because you won’t have to ship a giant package or pay someone to assemble it for you. Most coffee tables now require minimal assembly.

Sometimes you’d rather not have the hassle, so it is possible to buy coffee tables that come in one piece, such as the all-glass Tangkula above, or minimal assembly with just the legs like the lift-top Logan.

How Do I Care for My Coffee Table?

Depending on the material, care can look quite different. Glass tops and all glass coffee tables show smudges quickly, but a soft dry cloth can be the best way to buff out those marks without risking scratches. For deeper grime and spills, a simple glass cleaner can work wonders to bring out shine.

Wood can be tricky because it’s hard to tell what kind of finish you have until you use the wrong cleaner. A slightly damp cloth can be the best way to keep things clean without risking the finish. If you must use a cleaner or polish, test an inconspicuous area before using to make sure the finish stays true.

Metal parts should also be wiped clean with a damp cloth and avoid using cleaners at all here. Metal parts can be cleaned the easiest of all because very few things can stain metal completely.

Use feet protectors to prevent your coffee table from scratching your floor. Even large tables can get knocked out of place and cause deep scratches if you aren’t careful. Protectors can also prevent those annoying marks in the carpet left behind by heavier furniture.

If your coffee table has moving pieces such as castors or a lift-top, using a tiny bit of oil can keep squeaks away and prevent difficulty moving the pieces. There’s no need to saturate the pieces, but if you notice the parts aren’t moving as smoothly as they once did, this could be the answer.

Final Thoughts

Once you find that one piece to complete your living room, that’s all you need to invite guests over or have a quiet night in. The right coffee table not only looks good but enhances your space so you can live there and not just look good. Make sure you measure the area for the right fit and consider your personal style, and the coffee table you use should fit right in.

What’s your personal style and which coffee table on our list fits it best? Let us know in the comments below.

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