Best Home Theater Seatings – Buyer’s Guide

Best Home Theater Seatings (Updated December, 2020)

1. Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating Sofa – Best Convertible Sofa

The Omega theater seating from Seatcraft is made from hand-selected leather hides. These materials are limited to the top 30-percent quality which will provide comfort and durability. The texture is matched by the look of these fine leathers. It is stitched with a pattern that can survive extended use from each seat’s occupants.

This sofa transforms from a three seat piece of furniture into a two-seat system with a center console. The console is the stand-out element and provides plenty of table surface for two users. An overhead light shines light onto the table that includes AC and USB charging plugs. Two cup holders are surrounded by LED lighting that increases the drink storage found on each armrest.

Each of the armrests located on the ends of the sofa has a drop-off towards the back. This angle is more noticeable when the seats are reclined and may not provide the same comfort or support as an armrest with less angle would offer.

Extra storage space is provided in the armrests that include attachments that hold extra trays that swivel. The headrest and lumbar support are powered and can be adjusted for each seat. The seats also include memory functions that allow an occupant to return to a favorite position without having to make multiple adjustments.

  • The console design is easily reached from either side
  • An overhead light in the console provides adequate light when needed
  • Wall-hugger craftsmanship takes up less room than other theater seat designs
  • Using the fold down console features eliminates a seat
  • The armrests on each end have an awkward angle for arm support

2. Seatcraft Monaco – A Stylish Four-Seat Option

The Seatcraft Monaco offers a wide variety of body positions on each of the four seats of this theater set-up. A standard upright position can be extended into T.V. positions that give increments of foot elevation combined with back reclining. Full recline puts the back support at an angle that allows screen viewing with padded headrest support. Foot and leg support is contoured for comfort to allow a user to recline for longer periods of time.

A small tray table is provided for each seat. These removable trays provide a surface to hold snacks, reading materials, and drinks within arms reach for every occupant.

A leather-polyurethane material is used for upholstery and offers a durable, yet soft, covering. This material gives the look of natural leather while lacking its disadvantages. Ambient lighting is provided by blue LEDs around each cup holder and at the front base of each seat. Every chair comes with a control panel that directs reclining with push-buttons and provides a USB connection as well.

The Monaco includes SoundShaker technology in every seat. These transducers allow viewers to feel and hear the action on the screen. An optional SoundShaker amplifier will be required. Extra storage can be found in compartments found in the armrests.

  • Transducers are included that provide a better sound experience
  • Premium leather gel covering gives a soft texture to each seat
  • Each armrest is accented with cherry paneling that adds to its look
  • The design of each seat provides less padding for armrest portions
  • A separate SoundShaker amplifier is required to use the built-in transducers

3. Flash Furniture Reel Comfort Series – Most Economical 3-Seater

The Reel Comfort series provides a contemporary look with a dark synthetic upholstery and light colored stitching. Two wedges between the seats add to the look while providing body space between occupants. The curve seating arrangement helps to position viewers directly at the screen in each seat. Controls for reclining are found at each end of the set-up, as well as a lever for the middle recliner.

This three seat option comes at a price under a few one or two-seat products. That makes the Comfort Series a reasonable selection for those on a budget. The design offers a customer curved theater seating with decent quality. A lower price point also makes this an appealing option for someone needing multiple rows in a larger home theater set-up.

Each wedge provides a flat surface for magazines and snacks and is in easy reach of the seats. The wedges open to uncover storage space that can be used for magazines and remotes. Both wedges come with two cup holders for everyone’s drinks as well. The cushioning is limited on the legs and seat, but the backrest is well cushioned and includes an integrated headrest. Limited padding on the interior wedges is made up for by large cushions located on each of the end armrests.

  • This three seat option comes at a great price
  • Each wedge-shaped arm comes with two cup holders
  • Both end armrests come with heavy cushioning
  • A lower price comes at the expense of higher quality design and durability
  • The wedges and curved seating arrangement crams the foot supports when they recline

Flash Furniture Theater Seating

4. Catnapper Top Gun Media Home Theater Recliner Chair – The Most Cushioned One-Seater

The upholstery used by Catnapper on this model is made from a combination of bonded leather and a vinyl match. These provide a smooth texture and easier cleaning for users. The recliner offers chaise style seating and makes use of direct drive crossbars that operate smoothly and quietly. A steel rocker base is used and should prevent issues with bending.

The Top Gun is made with a hardwood frame that is double-dowelled and steel reinforced. Steel springs are positioned by a computer, and a steel base and seat box make this one of the more durable theater recliners on the market.

A comfort cushion material is used to provide padding across the entire backrest and seat. This material is also used on the porch extension that supports the legs when reclined. It is thick and offers a soft and spongy cushion for an occupant’s entire frame. Each of the armrests uses this thick material as well, which makes it a heavily-cushioned theater chair.

This recliner does not offer any USB ports or storage space. The only flat surfaces to be found on the chair are located at the ends of the armrests, each of which contains a cupholder for drinks. It is designed to sink into after a long day at work.

  • The entire recliner provides an incredible amount of cushion
  • This chairs frame includes steel construction elements
  • Direct drive crossbars help to extend the life of the recliner
  • One of the two cup holders could have been replaced with something else
  • A large amount of cushioning on the entire backrest won’t be used

Top Gun Home Theater Recliner

5. Octane Turbo XL700 – Best Seat/Sofa Combination

A stand-out feature on the Seatcraft is the four-seat design with a loveseat in the middle. The addition of the loveseat section provides an additional option for users who enjoy watching movies from a couch. While there is not enough room to stretch out completely, the mid-section provides enough room to lay on their back with knees bent. This particular model is designed with curved seating that keeps viewers oriented towards the center screen.

The Turbo XL700 comes with blue LED lighting. This provides a visual aid in low-light conditions without becoming distracting. It provides this light along the base of each recliner as well as around the cupholders.

The manufacturer, Seatcraft Seating, offer their products in up to 20 different colors. This large array of colors will allow customers to match their seating with their entertainment area accurately.

Each seat provides power reclining with push-button controls. The German made motors are dependable and quiet. Durability is also provided by the frame’s kiln dried wood and metal design. The Italian leather upholstery covers gel infused memory foam. No-snag springs provide support and individual pocket coils help each seat to maintain shape.

Storage space is hidden in the recliner arms. The Accessory Dock fits a variety of proprietary accessories that are available separately.

  • This home theater product provides a lot of LED lighting
  • The ergonomic design can provide hours of comfort
  • It comes with Octane Docks to hold a multitude of accessories
  • This seating system may be harder to fit into smaller rooms
  • The sofa portion offers fewer accessories then found with other four-seat units

6. Coaster Homes Furnishings 3 Seated Theatre Recliners – Most Space Between Occupants

Straightforward theater seating design is provided by this Coaster product. The frame provides a solid foundation due to the hardwoods used in construction. Sinuous springs are used to provide stability and support while seated. Thick padding is used to provide a comfortable cushioning on the seat, backrest, and leg support.

The three-seat theater recliners from Coaster do not provide convenience accessories or electronic features that are found on many home theater seating. They have been designed to offer a comfortable seating experience for movie watching but may become less comfortable if used for longer watching sessions.

Pillow top cushioning completes the seat design and gives more support as well. Leather match upholstery covers all of this with a soft texture that is not abrasive on the occupant. The highback headrest is adjustable to most user’s body length without forcing the neck to sit at an awkward angle.

Each seat is spaced apart from the other by thick armrests. The curved row adds to this space and prevents those using the chairs from feeling crammed together. A Leggett and Platt reclining mechanism is used for adjustments on the chairs. The seats do not provide accessories such as USB ports, but the armrests do have cup holders for drinks.

  • A thick padding is provided on the leg support of the chaise recline style
  • An expandable design allows a homeowner to add more seats to their set-up
  • The frame of each chair is made from durable hardwood
  • This theater seating comes with no accessories options
  • The three seats will take up more room due to space between them

7. Costzon Kids Recliner Sofa – Best Kids Seating Option

The sturdy wood frame of this kids recliner sofa should provide durability under reasonable use over its lifetime. The upholstery is made from polyurethane that provides an easy to clean surface when drinks or food is spilled onto the chair. It has sofa feet that are cylindrical in design that will provide more stability. This product has a recommended user age range between three and seven-years-old.

This recliner/sofa provides children with own seating. Weighing 26-pounds, it provides them with individual seating that can be moved far easier than adult recliners or theater seating can. It also comes at a reasonable price point, which means that a parent won’t be investing too much into furniture that their child will eventually outgrow.

The black color should allow it to fit into most room decors without clashing. That means the chair doesn’t have to be assigned to the entertainment room only. A cup holder is located in the right arm to hold those drinks when a child is distracted. A flame retardant sponge is used for cushioning, and the chair can support up to 110-pounds without concern. It should be noted that some assembly will be required, but the set-up is easy and should not take more than a few minutes to complete.

  • The smaller size of this recliner provides children with their own seats
  • A PU surface offers durability and easier clean-up for the chair surface
  • The backrest offers plenty of cushioned support for users
  • Older children may find the chair too small to use comfortably
  • It uses a sponge material that can wear out faster than foam

Costzon Recliner Sofa

8. Seatcraft Omega Loveseat – Best Two-Seater Storage

The Omega Leather Gel is covered in a leather-polyurethane material. It gives the seating the look and texture of leather at a lower price point. This leather gel also gives each seat a durable surface that can withstand use over time. Secure stitching provides extra durability along seams as well as the edges of the frame. The bucket style seats will hug most occupants lower body while providing foot and leg support when reclined.

The headrest on each chair is powered and can be adjusted to multiple positions. This feature allows the occupant to adapt the headrest to their body and helps to eliminate back or shoulder strain while sitting.

Push button controls also power the reclining features on this theater seating, making adjustments easy and quick. Plenty of storage room can be found on the Omega. Each armrest opens to expose compartments found within them. The center console provides extra storage space with a fold-up lid that opens easily. The console and extra swivel trays for each seat present occupants with plenty of table area for drinks and snacks too.

All four cup holders are surrounded with blue LED lighting, and the chair controls are complemented by USB ports.

  • This system provides users with a lot of storage space for extra items
  • The bucket style seats provide extra comfort for most occupants
  • A leather gel is used for covering that provides durability at less cost
  • The large center portion of this set-up takes up more room than other two seat options
  • Space allocated to the extra center cupholders could have been used for something else

Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating

9. Octane Seating Blaze XL900 – Most Comfortable Four Seat Solution

Unlike the Turbo XL700, this series of home theater chairs provides a true four-seat configuration. The bucket style seating hugs the body in the standard position and reclines with a chaise style footrest. Italian style upholstery is offered in a variety of colors and provides a texture that is comfortable to the touch. This material allows easier sliding movement than fabrics will offer.

Octane Seating has designed each chair based on automotive bucket seating. While this design proves highly comfortable and supportive to many users, the design may prove less so for larger occupants.

Each chair is powered by a German designed motor listed as best in class. They provide power reclining with less noise and a smooth transition from the sitting position to the steepest reclining position. A 1.8 density foam core provides each seat with longevity, along with individually pocketed coils that help them to keep their shape. Extra comfort is achieved with memory foam that is gel infused as well as no-snag sinuous springs.

Aluminum cup holders provide room for most drink containers and are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The power switch stations provide a single or double USB outlet for charging or power of electronic devices. An accessory dock allows customers to install a multitude of proprietary convenience items such as lamps, phone holders, and tray tables.

  • Each seat provides head and lumbar support for the occupant
  • The contoured seating hugs the user’s body while in use
  • A kiln-dried hardwood frame and metal fastenings provide durability
  • The sloping shape of each seat may be less comfortable for larger occupants
  • Materials covering the armrests will wear out faster along sharp edges

10. Seatcraft Imperial – Most Elegant Two-Seater

The Imperial theater seating from Seatcraft is designed for those who desire craftsmanship above all other needs. It begins with the high-grade leathers that are hand-picked from the top third of materials available. A unique backrest design draws a viewer’s attention to the tufted cushioning that covers the surface. Buttons provide the pattern while helping to secure the material in place.

Bronze nails accentuate the armrest and provide a visual break for the cushioning underneath. Bronze cup holders add to the old-fashioned look of each seat. A wall-hugging design allows the seats to recline without taking up too much room while in use. Adjustments are powered by push buttons found on the seat control panel, which includes USB ports.

The Imperial leather home theater seating is designed for looks more than it is for convenience features. Seatcraft created this product to meet the needs of homeowners that demand a high-quality look for their furnishings.

The manufacturer makes use of cool gel memory foam under the grade 7000 leather. This material provides comfort to users and allows the seats to retain their cushion over the lifetime of the theater seating. While this set-up does not provide storage or convenience accessories, it does offer a classic looking seating option that will become the highlight of an entertainment room.

  • The look of this set-up will become of the centerpiece of any room
  • A wall-hugger seating design takes up less space in the room
  • The chairs use grade 7000 leather for upholstery covering
  • This two-seat system does not provide storage
  • The craftsmanship and design offer limited accessories

Buyer’s Guide

How Much Room Do You Have?

A major consideration to calculate before you purchase any home theater seating is the room that is available. It shouldn’t be an issue for larger rooms, but if space is limited, keep in mind more than the wide of the system. With recliners, it is important to calculate the room needed in front and back of the seating. Wall hugging designs help here.

Curved Or Straight?

Most multi-seat systems will come as a straight line of seats or form a curved seating area. Straight designs eliminate space gaps behind the seats but can offer a skewed view with some screens. While curved seating will take up more room, even in standard positions, it faces each occupant towards the center of the screen.

Materials Used In Construction And For Comfort

Even a single seat theater recliner will be an investment, so make sure that the frame and seat box are well built. Look for quality controls and motors on furniture with these systems. With cushioning, keep in mind that sponge materials are cheaper but will not last as long. Foam and gel cushioning holds their shape better over time and usually last longer. Almost all theater seating uses either leather or synthetic materials for upholstery. Leathers provide great texture and look, but can scuff easier than many synthetics. PU and vinyl materials can be just as rugged and are cheaper, but they will not offer the same softness as leather can provide.

Extra Features And Price

Many set-ups will offer hidden storage and cup holders. Products with islands or wedges can also offer flat surfaces. Many seats also provide lighting, removable trays, and USB charging ports. Remember, nothing is “free.” You get what you pay for quality wise, but stick to what’s reasonably required.


The ten products reviewed above represent a variety of seating arrangements and convenience options. Many of the cushion materials highlighted above showcase today’s best foams and gels. Future product enhancements will likely include form-fitting or memory foam developments. Upgrades to USB ports will continue to phase out version one for version two and three ports as more devices begin to require them.

There are theater seating options available that should fall into any budget or occupancy requirement. Which convenience features are required will depend upon space and storage requirements of the entertainment area. Additional designs for the drink and food management will depend upon users needs or time spent in the chairs. No matter what make sure to find a system that is right for you, and we’ll see you at the movies!

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