Best TV Trays – Buyer’s Guide

Best TV TraysThere comes a time in everyone’s life where they want to do something on the sofa or in a chair. If the chair doesn’t have a desk in front of it, then your only option is often to place whatever you have in your lap. Unfortunately, your lap is not the best place for a laptop or food and placing things there can often result in a spill or dropped electronics. Luckily, there are a variety of TV trays which can be used for a wide variety of uses such as snacks, laptops, and more. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 TV trays as well as a small buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.

Best TV Trays of 2019

Product MaterialColorsAdjustableFoldDimensions, WxDxHQuantityWeight 
Lifetime Adjustable Tray (Editor's Choice)Lifetime Adjustable TV TrayHigh density polyethylene and Powder-Coated SteelWhite Granite; Almond+18 x 26 x 24-28 in or 20 x 30 x 21-28 in1 tray8.6 or 10.5 poundsCheck Price
Winsome Wood Tray SetWinsome Wood TV Tray SetSolid/Composite woodBrown+23.62 x 15.75 x 25.43 in4 trays and 1 stand for storage45 poundsCheck Price
JUMBL Wooden Clip-on Arm TableJUMBL Wooden Clip-on Arm TableRubber woodBlack; Cherry+9.5 x 12.8 x 2.8 in1 tray15.5 ouncesCheck Price
Table Mate XLTable Mate XL TV TrayPolypropyleneBlack; Mocha; White++25 x 20 x 22.75 in1 tray10.25 poundsCheck Price
Able Life Bamboo Swivel TrayAble Life Bamboo Swivel TV TrayBambooNatural+18 x 16 x 26-32 in1 tray19.5 poundsCheck Price
NNEWVANTE Large Sofa Table TrayNNEWVANTE Large Sofa Table TV TrayNatural bambooNatural; Walnut15.7 x 23.6 x 25.6 in or 15.7 x 9.53 x 27.56 in1 tray12.12 pounds or 14.68 poundsCheck Price
Atlantic 2-Pack Folding TrayAtlantic 2-Pack TV TrayMetal and laminateVariety+14.9 x 18.9 x 26 in2 trays7.5 poundsCheck Price
Aingoo 2-Pack Folding Dinner TrayAingoo TV Tray 2-PackWood and steelBeech; Black+18.9 x 15 x 26.3 in1 or 2 trays10.25 poundsCheck Price
SONGMICS Bamboo Tray with Storage BagSONGMICS Bamboo TV Tray with Storage BagNatural BambooNatural13.8 x 19.7 x 24.4 in1 tray with a storage bag8.36 poundsCheck Price
BirdRock Home Acacia Wood TraysBird Rock Home Acacia Wood TV TraysAcacia hardwood and durable square metal tubingNatural11 x 20 x 26 in2 trays30.1 poundsCheck Price

1. Lifetime Adjustable Tray – Versatile, Portable and Lightweight

First on our list is the Lifetime adjustable folding TV tray. This tray features a simple white granite top surface that is constructed of a high-density polyethylene with black legs that are made of a powder coated steel. This tray weighs only 8.6 pounds and folds up to be only 1.8 inches thick, just over 40 inches long, and about 18 inches wide. The legs are also adjustable to three heights of 24, 26, and 28 inches. The rectangular table top surface itself measures 18 inches in width and 26 inches in length.

The durable high-density polyethylene top is UV protected and stain-resistant making it incredibly easy to clean. The durable top and powder-coated steel legs make this tray ideal for not only indoor use but also use while out camping or around the bonfire. For both indoor and outdoor use this product is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty and is one of the most durable and portable trays available.

  • High-density polyethylene top is stain and UV resistant
  • Powder coated steel legs are light and durable
  • Product is covered by a two year warranty for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Only comes in one color and features a simple unnappealing design

2. Winsome Wood Tray Set – Walnut Finish for a Traditional Look

For those looking for a TV tray that will go well with traditional style decor, the Winsome 5 piece wood TV tray set is a great option. These trays feature an oblong oval shaped tray top and are supported by a classic looking fold-out wooden x-frame with a single crossbar in the front. The tops of the trays are 23 and 1/2 inches wide and 16 inches in-depth. When unfolded the tray stands just over 25 inches in height but when folded up the tray is only about 2 inches thick and can be stored in the included stand. The solid and composite wood the trays are constructed of is given a rich walnut finish that goes well with dark furniture or traditional decor.

This 5 piece set comes with four trays and a stand for storing all of them when in their folded position. The stand is made out of the same solid and composite wood construction as the trays and given the same beautiful Walnut finish. Every piece of the set is given a durable waterproof finish and the trays are wide enough to accommodate meals of just about any size. The trays do require some assembly upon arrival but all that is needed to complete the assembly is a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Beautiful walnut finish goes well with traditional decor
  • Set comes with 4 trays and a stand for storing the folded trays
  • Some assembly required
  • Not height adjustable

Winsome Wood TV Tray

3. JUMBL Wooden Clip-on Arm Table – Unique and Convenient Arm Rest Design

The JUMBL clip on arm table is a unique tray that can be attached to almost any piece of furniture to give it a convenient surface for remotes and snacks. The clip-on tray is made of solid wood which is painted black and has a clip on the bottom on either side which holds the armrest of the chair or sofa you’re putting it on to keep the tray stable. The tray surface measures about 13 inches in length and 9 and 1/2 inches wide offering just enough space to place a drink or snack.

Around the edges of the tray is a small lip which can help keep things from sliding off should the tray begin to tilt on the armrest. This lip can also keep liquids on the tray should something spill, helping to keep liquids off of your furniture. The clamps on the tray work exceptionally well on furniture that has rectangular armrests but can sometimes have a tendency to tilt or lean when put on round armrests.

  • Convenient design makes almost any arm rest into a side table
  • Lip around the edges of the tray prevents things from sliding off and helps contain spills
  • Small tray offers only enough space for remotes or a snack
  • Has some trouble gripping round arm rests


JUMBL Clip-on Arm Table

4. Table Mate XL – Highly Adjustable Tray Table for any Occassion

The Table Mate XL TV tray table is a simple but highly functional design that can be put to a wide variety of uses. The Table Mate has a super wide 20-inch by 25-inch top surface and features two legs positioned wide apart which allows you to stretch out without bumping the table. The curved legs are also designed to make for easy sliding across the floor so you don’t have to lift the whole tray when moving it and risk spilling a drink or dropping a meal. This tray features a plastic top and steel legs and is offered in three colors; either black, mocha, or white.

The table mate is highly adjustable with six heights and three different angles for the tray surface. This makes it great for not only eating off of but writing or using a laptop are also easy and convenient to do on the angled surface. The Table Mate also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Highly adjustable with 6 heights and 3 angles
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to move with wide slidable legs
  • Very plain design
  • Plastic table surface

5. Able Life Bamboo Swivel Tray – Ergonomic Standing and Sitting Support

Next on our list of the Able Life tray table which features a bamboo table surface which can swivel out of the way to make for easier standing and sitting. The Able life tray features two connected rubber pads which sit under the feet of your chair or sofa to provide extra support with a brown painted steel pylon which supports the swivel bamboo tray as well as a safety handle. The tray itself features a cup holder as well as a cubby with a lipped edge to hold smaller item such as glasses and remotes.

The unique design of the Able Life tray allows for easier sitting and standing out of any sofa or chair. The adjustable tray surface swivels 360° to get completely out of the way when standing or sitting, and an ergonomic safety handle at the top of the support pylon offers a place to grip and maintain your balance when standing or sitting. The tray height can be adjusted between 26 and 32 inches and the base can be adjusted anywhere from 20 to 36 inches in length meaning this tray will fit almost any piece of furniture.

  • Ergonomic handle aids in balance when standing and sitting
  • Swivel tray moves completely out of the way to allow easier movement to and from the chair or sofa
  • Somewhat smaller tray surface

6. NNEWVANTE Large Sofa Table Tray – Best for Elegant and Refined Design

The NMEWVANTE TV tray is a very refined looking table tray which would go great with either modern or rustic looking decor. The tray surface is 29 and 1/2 inches wide and 15 and 3/4 inches in depth allowing ample space for meals or working with a laptop. The tray stands at 27 and a half inches tall with legs that feature a unique Z shaped configuration which offer both stability and a simple yet elegant aesthetic. The Z shaped legs also allow for the tray to be pulled in easily when sitting at a chair, sofa, or bed and offer plenty of space for your legs to stretch out. This large tray table is available in two colors, a natural finish or a slightly darker walnut finish.

While this table does sport a unique and elegant look it lacks some of the convenience functions of other trays. It does not fold away for easy storage and is not adjustable in height or angle. It does require some assembly on arrival but the assembly is easy and can be completed in only a few minutes. The bamboo wood that this tray is constructed of is durable and resistant to spills and stains.

  • Very refined look will go great with modern or rustic decor
  • Tough and eco-friendly bamboo wood construction
  • Not adjustable in height or angle
  • Cannot be folded up for easier storage

NNEWVANTE Large Table TV Tray

7. Atlantic 2-Pack Folding Tray – Unique Pattern with a Mid-Century Modern Design

The Atlantic TV tray set features a unique black and white design and a lightweight construction. The tabletop surface itself is adorned with a black and white tile pattern that would go well with a modern or mid-century modern living room. The plastic top and steel legs give this tray a total weight of only seven and a half pounds making it one of the lightest trays on our list. The trace surface is roughly 15 by 19 inches making it a little on the small side for some laptops but large enough for holding snacks or remotes next to the sofa or chair.

When unfolded the legs of the Atlantic TV tray don’t lock into place making the tray somewhat flimsy and unsteady given its lightweight as well. The feet of the tray have special rubber pads which prevent from scuffing hardwood floors and the plastic on top is coated with an easy to clean surface. This tray is also available in a number of other designs such as blue tiling or a white and black stripe pattern.

  • High contrast black and white modern design
  • Very lightweight and folds into an easy to store form factor
  • Legs don’t lock into place making the table somewhat flimsy

Atlantic 2 Pack TV Tray

8. Aingoo 2-Pack Folding Dinner Tray – Simple and Convenient Design

Next on our list is the Aingoo TV tray which prioritizes function over form leading to a very convenient tray with a very simple design. This TV tray features a medium density fiberboard top which is plain black and smooth to allow for easier cleaning. The folding legs of the tray are smooth stainless steel that have a slightly shiny gray finish. The tray surface is roughly 15 by 19 inches and the tray stands at roughly 26 inches in height. The more durable fiberboard top makes it heavier than some of its plastic counterparts coming in at about 18 pounds.

The legs of this tray are given plastic covers making it almost impossible for them to scratch any flooring and the tray surface is given smooth rounded edges to prevent people from bumping into sharp corners. The legs of the tray are reinforced with metal sheets to ensure that the legs don’t fold themselves up when not wanted. When folded up for storage these trays are nearly completely flat and the smooth fiberboard top is incredibly easy to clean before putting them into storage.

  • Plastic Covers on legs prevent scratching
  • MDF table surface provides easy cleaning
  • Reinforced legs are very sturdy
  • Does not adjust in height or angle

Aingoo TV Tray

9. SONGMICS Bamboo Tray with Storage Bag – Keeping your Home Clutter Free

Next on our list is a TV tray that will not only give you a place to rest your food or laptop but also help you declutter your living room or bedroom. The Songmics TV tray features a surface that is roughly 20 inches by 14 inches and is made of solid bamboo. The tray legs are also made of sturdy bamboo and sport multiple crossbars making the tray very stable. This TV table comes in 2 colors either a natural bamboo finish or a darker brown finish. Hanging from the top crossbar is a storage bag that comes in either tan for the natural finish or gray for the darker brown finish.

The included storage bag offers plenty of pockets and cubbies for placing remotes, magazines, iPads, books, or anything else that may be cluttering your living space. The sturdy bamboo is also coated with a varnish finish making it water and stain resistant. The tray stands at just over 24 inches in height, weighs around eight and a half pounds, and has a total weight capacity of 22 lb.

  • Included storage bag offers a great place to put remotes, books, and more
  • Varnished bamboo makes for a resilient and easy to clean surface
  • Does not fold up for storage
  • Does not adjust in height


10. BirdRock Home Acacia Wood Trays – Modern Minimalist Aesthetics

If you’re looking for a beautiful side table or TV tray that boasts a minimalist and modern design then the Bird Rock Home Acacia Wood TV tray is a great option. These gorgeous tables have a solid acacia wood top that is supported by a black steel frame that uses a unique minimalist design that allows the trays to be easily moved and to curve around the edge of a sofa or chair. The u-shaped legs allow the table to be put at the side of a chair or sofa and pulled in to cover your lap making it a convenient place for food or laptops.

The solid acacia wood is durable and stain resistant and the square steel legs make for a very durable and stable support. The surface of the table measures about 11 inches by 20 inches and stands roughly 26 inches in height. The tables arrive fully assembled meaning they’re ready for immediate use and weigh a combined 30 pounds due to their heavy steel construction.

  • Beautiful moder design
  • Very strong Acacia wood table surface with durable steel legs
  • Arrive fully assembled
  • Metal legs can leave scratches on some flooring

Bird Rock Home Acacia TV Trays

Buyer’s Guide

There are several things to consider when choosing the right TV tray for you. These include things such as the materials it is made out of, how adjustable the tray is, as well as what kinds of special features the tray might have.


Depending on the specific use you’re expecting to put your TV tray to different materials might suit your needs better than others. Some trays have a plastic or medium density fiberboard construction which is lighter and easier to clean than some of the heavier wooden tables. The solid wood trays, however, have the benefit of a more durable surface and a better look overall in most cases. The decor of the room the tray will be going in should also be considered when making your pick.


Some tray tables are adjustable in height and in some cases, even the angle of the tray can also be adjusted. Fixed height tables are usually of the heavier wood variety and have better looks, however, are less convenient than adjustable tables. Tables with an adjustable surface are more useful for not only eating off of but also things such as using a laptop, reading, and writing.

Special Features

SONGMICS TV TraySome of the tables on this list have special features that can make them stand out from the rest and might be a deal breaker for you depending on your needs. For example, SONGMICS bamboo table boasts a convenient storage bag on the front that has a number of pockets for storing things like remotes, books, or even iPads. This can help declutter your living area or bedroom and help to save space while at the same time keeping important items close at hand. Another tray with special features is the Able Life bamboo tray which has an ergonomic handle that helps provide balance for easier standing and sitting. The tray surface also swivels entirely out of the way for more convenient sitting and standing. Other trays have the ability to be folded up for easier storage which is great for smaller apartments or dorms.

Wrap Up

Regardless of your reason for needing a TV tray table, there are a variety of options for every space and need. All of the trays on this list are hand-picked for both their looks and their functionality and are sure to please.

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