Best Wardrobes – Buyer’s Guide

Best WardrobesA wardrobe is an excellent way to keep your clothes clean while they’re not in use and organized so that it is easier to wake up and get ready in the morning or anytime you’re in a rush. Having your clothing neatly hung up or folded in a wardrobe can make getting dressed much easier and can help to declutter your room or closet. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five different wardrobes then discussing what makes each one unique and what would make one of them right for you.

Best Wardrobes of 2019

Product TypeDimensions
L x W x H
WeightMaterialColorsWeight capacity 
Songmics Fabric Closet Storage Organizer (Editor's Choice)Songmics Fabric Closet Storage OrganizerWardrobe with fabric cover59 x 17.8 x 68.9 in14.3 poundsNon-woven fabric, steel, PPGray; Dark Brown129 poundsCheck Price
Langria Heavy Duty Storage Rack ClosetLangria Heavy Duty Storage Rack ClosetWardrobe with fabric cover33.5 x 18 x 69 in or 47.5 x 19.5 x 64 in25.9 or 20.6 poundsMetal, polyester clothBlack463 or 617 poundsCheck Price
Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer SystemSeville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer SystemSteel wardrobe closet58 (expandable up to 83) x 14 x 72 in53 poundsSteelUltra Zinc; Satin Bronze; Resin Cocoa100 pounds per shelfCheck Price
Megafuture Portable WardrobeMegafuture Portable WardrobePortable wardrobe closet19.5 x 15.4 x 5.5 in or 20.1 x 15.5 x 9 in17.5 or 31.9 poundsPP, rustproof steelWood Pattern23 pounds each cubeCheck Price
Tiny Times Free Standing Armoire WardrobeTiny Times Free Standing Armoire WardrobeWardrobe closet with mirror65.8 x 18.9 x 3.9 in48.5 poundsSolid pine woodWhite; CoffeeNo informationCheck Price


1. Songmics Fabric Closet Storage Organizer – Protective Waterproof and Dustproof Wardrobe

For those of you looking for an affordable or space optimizing dresser, the Songmics fabric closet organizer is a great option. This closet organizer and dresser comes in at 59 inches in length, 17.7 inches in width, and just under 69 inches in height making it one of the larger wardrobes on our list. This wardrobe also comes with a movable clothes hanger rod and 12 storage shelves so that you can keep your clothing and knick-knacks organized the way you like.

This wardrobe is incredibly easy to construct and takes only a few minutes and is also impressively durable for a fabric wardrobe. This fabric closet organizer is made from nonwoven fabric and uses high-quality steel tubes and plastic connectors for the supporting frame. There are also zippered covers over the front of the wardrobe that are water and dustproof to keep your clothes and other goods in near mint condition while in storage inside of this wardrobe. While this fabric wardrobe is not the most elegant option on our list, it does come in four colors to suit the decor of your room.

  • Designed for use in a small room such as a dorm or in a closet to maximize space
  • Zippered cover is waterproof and dustproof to ensure your clothes are safe in storage
  • Easy to assemble and surprisingly durable
  • Not very stylish or elegant in appearance


2. Langria Heavy Duty Storage Rack Closet – Compact Design for Your Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

Next on our list is the Langria heavy duty zip up closet organizer. This wardrobe is 33 and a 1/2 inches in length, 18 inches wide, and 69 inches in height making it one of the more compact wardrobes in our roundup. Despite its diminutive size, this wardrobe and closet organizer boasts an impressive amount of storage space. It features two hanging rods that can each support up to 24 and a half pounds, one of which is at an appropriate height for storing shirts, jackets, and dresses, while the other hanging rod is slightly lower and more appropriate for holding things like pants that have been folded in half or ties. In addition to the two hanging rods, there is a top shelf that is the same width as the entire wardrobe, a shelf below that which is half the width of the wardrobe, then two full-width shelves at the bottom for shoes or linens.

This wardrobe is constructed from a black metal frame that is powder coated to protect the metal from water and corrosion over time. This metal construction lends the unit an impressive total capacity of 463 pounds despite the wardrobe itself only weighing about 20 pounds. Assembly of this wardrobe is also very easy as the metal tubes simply slide together and snap into place. Some pieces then need to be tightened with the included Allen wrench, but assembly in total should only take a few minutes. Finally, this wardrobe also comes with a brown tear-resistant polyester cover to protect your clothes from dust, but this cover can be somewhat difficult to get on and off and makes it hard to hang up or remove clothes from the wardrobe.

  • 463 pounds of storage including four shelves and two hanging rods
  • Easy to assemble and durable steel construction
  • Only comes in one color
  • Included cover makes the wardrobe difficult to use

Langria Storage Rack Closet


3. Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System – Customizable Storage to Perfectly Suit Your Needs

If you have plenty of space in your room or home and are looking for a wardrobe that offers as much hanging rod space as possible, then the Seville Classics expandable closet organizer system might be just what you’re looking for. This wardrobe takes up more floor space than most of the wardrobes on our list, but is highly customizable and offers tons of storage options. The unit is built around two separate towers that have two hanging rods connecting them. These hanging rods can be adjusted in the length by moving the towers closer or farther apart from each other to make the unit anywhere between 58 to 83 inches in length. This customizability allows you to make the unit as long as you need or as small as your space allows.

Each of the towers on either end come with 4 adjustable shelves that can be set to any height you want in one-inch increments allowing you to make each shelf as tall or short as it needs to be for whatever you’re storing. Each shelf is 14 inches by 14 inches and the unit as a whole stands 72 inches in height. The shelves at the very top of the unit hang over the edge making them twice as long as the other shelves at 28 inches with half of that length being suspended over the hanging rods. The frame of this unit is made from industrial strength steel and is given an ultra zinc plating to give it resistance to corrosion. This unit is also available in three different styles including bronze, cocoa, and a chrome finish.

  • Customizable hanging rod length and shelf units
  • Available in three different styles
  • Does not have any kind of cover or protection for what is being stored in it

Seville Classics Closet Organizer System


4. Megafuture Portable Wardrobe – Stackable Cubes for Building the Dresser of your Dreams

Next on our list is the Megafuture portable wardrobe, which is another customizable wardrobe that can be arranged in a variety of different manners. However, unlike the previous wardrobe on our list, rather than simply letting you change the overall length of the unit and the height of the shelves this wardrobe is built around a series of cubes that can be stacked and arranged in any way you like. This cube-based system gives you the freedom to arrange the units into any configuration you need.

This wardrobe is subjectively one of the best looking designs in our roundup as the outside has alternating white and black doors on the cubes, while the inside has curly patterned black walls. This unique cube wardrobe system is available in three different packages that include a variety of different pieces. The kits are designed to make either an 8 Cube, 12 Cube, or 20 Cube dresser and each kit comes with varying numbers of doors, hangers, connectors, and other components. The pieces are all made from ABS plastic which is waterproof and easy to clean, as well as being lightweight for maximum portability. The drawback is that the cubes are not exceptionally durable and can only hold 23 pounds putting the cubes at the very bottom in jeopardy of collapsing under the weight of the clothing and cubes above them.

  • Good looking wardrobe
  • Cube based design lets you decide how to layout and configure the shelving and hangers
  • Available in three sizes
  • ABS plastic construction is not the most durable and can only support a very limited weight


5. Tiny Times Free Standing Armoire Wardrobe – Elegant and Compact Wardrobe with a Mirror

The last wardrobe we’ll be taking a look at is the Tiny Times free-standing armoire wardrobe. This wardrobe is the most refined looking on this list and even has a full-length mirror on one end. This unit is easy to move around and position how you like as the four wheels on the base rotate 360 degrees enabling you to move it easily through narrow hallways or other restricted areas. The wheels also lock in place when you have it positioned as you like. This unit is one of the smallest on our list and comes in at 23 and a half inches in length, 17 and a 1/2 inches in width, and 67 inches in height. This wardrobe has two shelves at the bottom and a unique hanging rod design at the top that allows you to store up to 12 shirts.

This unit is the only one on our list made from solid wood which is given a white finish that lends the unit a more elegant look than the metal shelving units that we looked at earlier on our list. This unit also comes with a risk-free 30-day satisfaction guarantee, as well as a one year warranty against defects making it arguably one of the most reliable wardrobes on this list. The unit requires slightly more assembly than the other wardrobes that we looked at, but there is an option for expert assembly to be included. This wardrobe even comes with a small free end table that is also made from solid wood and given a refined natural finish, but you must add both items to your card separately if you want this deal.

  • Solid wood construction makes this one of the best looking wardrobes featured on our list
  • Includes a full length mirror
  • Free side table
  • More difficult to construct than the other wardrobes on our list
  • Only comes in one color and style

Tiny Times Armoire Wardrobe


Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve looked at five different wardrobes, let’s dig deeper into what differentiates each of these wardrobes from each other and what you should be looking for when trying to pick the right one for your needs. First, we’ll take a look at what materials each wardrobe is made from and what kinds of advantages or disadvantages each material presents, then we’ll discuss how much storage space each of these wardrobes actually offers.


Seville MaterialThe first factor to consider when buying any piece of new furniture is what material the unit is made of. Different materials present distinct advantages and disadvantages over each other and will have a huge impact on the performance and lifespan of the furniture. The first three wardrobes on our list all use a metal frame construction that is based on steel tubes held together with some kind of connector. The Songmics closet organizer and wardrobe uses plastic connectors for ease of assembly as they allow the unit to snap together. This wardrobe also includes a fabric cover that is waterproof and dustproof. Next, the Langria heavy duty wardrobe is slightly more involved and its assembly and requires the use of an included Allen wrench to tighten the pieces together which makes them slightly more durable than the plastic connectors of the Songmics wardrobe. The Seville Classics closet organizer and wardrobe is the third metal framed wardrobe on our list and also uses a tool assembly. The advantage of Metal Frames is that they have impressive strength and durability with the Langria wardrobe proving this best with its 463 pound capacity.

Megafuture MaterialThe Megafuture wardrobe from Joiscope uses a unique modular Cube design where each cube is made from ABS plastic. This plastic is easy to clean and is waterproof but can be flimsy when put under a load. The wardrobe does have a metal frame inside of it but each cube is still only capable of holding a maximum of 23 pounds. This means that the Cubes at the bottom of the unit can be subject to stress much greater than that since the weight of the cubes above them and everything in those cubes is being placed on the cube at the bottom. If you only plan to put a few lightweight garments into the wardrobe then this model might be fine however if anything heavier then a few shirts needs to be stored a plastic wardrobe is less than ideal.

Tiny Times MaterialFinally, the Tiny Times free-standing armoire wardrobe is the only wardrobe on our last made from solid wood. What is a highly desirable material for furniture thanks to both its durability and refined look. This wardrobe is made from pine wood which is a lower quality wood but is still far superior to plastic or composite woods. The wood of this wardrobe is given a white finish and is durable enough to Warrant a one year warranty from the company.

Storage Space

Of course, if you’re shopping for a new wardrobe then you’re looking for storage space and a way to keep your things organized, so next will look at how much storage space each wardrobe on our list actually offers. The Songmics and the Seville Classics wardrobes are the two large wardrobes on our list with the Seville classics posting 10 shelves, 5 on each side, as well as too long hanging rods that can be adjusted in length to suit your available space and storage needs. The shelves themselves can also be adjusted up or down and one in increments to further adjust how you store things on this wardrobe. The Songmics unit has 12 shelves and one smaller hanging rod than the Seville Classics organizer making it better for those who prefer to fold their clothes rather than hang them. This wardrobe is also good for those who want to store or organize loose miscellaneous Goods just as much as clothes or even a large shoe collection.

The Langria heavy duty closet organizer and the Tiny Times free-standing armoire are the two smaller wardrobes on our list and are best for those looking for just a little bit of extra storage or those who have limited floor space available. Both of these units take up a similar amount of floor space coming in at about a foot and a half in width and between two or two and a half feet in length. The Tiny Times freestanding wardrobe has the least space of any of the wardrobes on this list and only has two shelves at the bottom and a single very limited hanging rod at the top. The Langria model on the other hand packs an incredible amount of storage space into its diminutive size and boasts two hanging rods, two shelves at the bottom that are great for storing shoes, a Shelf at the very top which can be used for Linens or shirts, and a smaller Shelf at the top below that which is half the width of the other shelves and can be used to hold a few folded shirts.

Finally, the Megafuture wardrobe from Joiscope has a unique design that can be modified to offer as much or as little storage space as you need and can also be configured to accommodate the space you have available. There are three different kits of this dresser that can be purchased that all come with varying parts and allow for different configurations. The eight Cube kid comes with 8 small panels, 8 doors, and 22 larger panels with 32 cube connectors, 7 bottom connectors, 1 hanging rod, and 18 door magnets. The next size up is the 12 Cube kit which offers 12 small panels, 12 doors, and 31 larger panels with 42 cube connectors, 9 bottom connectors, 2 hanging rods, and 26 door magnets. Finally, the 20 Cube set comes with 20 small panels, 20 doors, and 49 larger panels with 60 cube connectors, 11 bottom connectors, 3 hanging rods, and 44 door magnets. If even that isn’t enough storage it’s also an option to purchase multiple kits. For example, if you needed more than 20 cubes you could simply purchase a 20 Cube set and an 8 Cube set to make a single massive 28 Cube wardrobe. While that is the beauty of a modular wardrobe like this the risk is that by stacking them too high you’ll risk breaking the bottom cubes from the weight. If you plan to construct a massive Cube wardrobe then it is best to make it wider and not taller to ensure that the bottom cubes can remain intact and support the full weight of whatever you put into the wardrobe.

Wrap Up

The wardrobes we took a look at in this article were handpicked for a variety of reasons ranging from their looks to their storage capacity and represent a wide array of what is available on the market. We hope that our included buyer’s guide has given you the information you need to confidently make your decision on which wardrobe to buy and we’re confident that no matter which of the wardrobes on our list you choose you’ll be very pleased with your purchase and it will offer you an excellent way to organize your clothes for many years to come.

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