How to Clean a Loveseat (Step by Step Guide)

There is nothing better than a good reclining loveseat shared with a loved one after a hard day at work, is there? However, it happens so that you tend to spill something occasionally in your love nest or stain in unintentionally. The fact that your loveseat is a little stained does not mean that you should throw it out and get a new one. Today we are going to teach you how you can deal with any stains on your favorite slipcover for loveseat or beautiful loveseat upholstery with ease.

Cleaning with baking soda

  • The first and the most important rule of the clean loveseat is that you deal with the stains as fast as possible.
  • Secondly, you should better check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you get to cleaning. Some fabrics should be treated very gently.
  • Even if you are not a messy person, it is best to remove possible particles from the loveseat sleeper with the help of a dry brush.
  • After that, repeat the procedure with your vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, it is time to use some baking soda. You may be surprised that you are going to use baking soda outside the kitchen, but it is a real stain killer. You can use dry soda so that the stains loosen, and the odors are absorbed. However, you can also make a paste out of baking soda and water, use equal portions of both, to treat the stains that set. No matter which way you prefer, it is best to leave the soda on for about 20 minutes. When the time is up, you need to repeat the vacuuming step.
  • After you prepared the loveseat with some baking soda, it is time to move to the spot treatment. However, you should make sure that you are using the right cleaning product that is recommended for your loveseat upholster. If you are not sure if the product that you have at hand fits the fabrics, you can test it on a small area of the loveseat, somewhere it is not noticeable.
  • When you are through with the cleaning, you should dry the fabrics out using a dry towel. There is no need to try hard, just pat the loveseat to remove the excess moisture.
  • Leave your loveseat to air dry. It is best to leave it overnight to dry out.

Cleaning with a Steamer

Those of you who have a steam cleaner at hand, you can use it too to clean your fabric-covered loveseat. However, it is not best no tot use it on a leather loveseat, though. Here is what you need to do:

  • Start with reading the steamer’s manual. You will be surprised how essential the step is.
  • Proceed with vacuuming cleaning of the loveseat.
  • Let some air in by opening the windows.
  • Spot test the cleaner.
  • Use the cleaner on the loveseat.
  • Let it dry out overnight.
  • Repeat the vacuuming step to remove any dirt that still may remain.

To sum all up, it is safe to say that keeping your loveseat is not that hard as it sounds. All you need is just a bit of patience and effort involved.

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Kylie Perkins
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